For many years the question has been “WHAT DO MEN WANT?!”
Strangely enough the answers vary from a cold beer, to some “head” and even just a mancave for some peace and quiet to watch a game. Ladies, take note: I’m about to tell you what men truly want. If you disagree, feel free to email me at with the title “WHAT MEN WANT”

Men want a woman that is freaky enough to give them head while driving on I-95. Don’t forget to swallow! Spitters are quitters.
She must be able to wear heels without struggling like a newborn calf. If you cant walk in heels, begin in wedges and work your way up. Your efforts will be appreciated.
Know how to make money on your own. If he’s got $1.00 and you’ve got $1.00, y’all still have $1.00 separately. Know how to flip the money to make money for both of y’all so just in case he’s not able to provide he can depend on you for a minute til he figures out what to do.
Know GOD– that’s all. You don’t have to go to church every Sunday but be aware that there’s a higher power ordering your steps.
Learn to support without smothering. Once a woman has a life of her own, what a man does is an afterthought. Come together as a couple but don’t forget to live your own life.
Trust! Men have insecurities too and don’t take to cheating easily if at all. Definite deal breaker.
Know how to cook a meal. No, that doesn’t entail calling out to the local chinese spot. It means cleaning a chicken, boiling some water for some rice and steaming some vegetables. When in doubt, make some sugar water but for the love of GOD, know how to make a meal for your man! In time, you will know what he likes and his favorite meals.
Be healthy! A woman of child bearing age needs to be healthy so that if and when the time comes, you can carry on the name

All in all, men want the same thing as women. LOVE AND SUPPORT with a side of freak!

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