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The Starting Line Up ( I’m BACK)

It’s about that time. Summer time is over and it’s time for men and women alike to figure out who’s going to be on their team for the Winter of 2014. Yes I know I’ve been gone but I deserve a break as well don’t you think? Much like the cool weather I am back and I am ready for action. Not that kind of action you perverts. I am ready to get back to the business of reaching out and keeping you all entertained. That’s what I do.
Back to the business of what is “CUFFING SEASON”. For those that are unsure, here’s a simple breakdown of the fuckery that is. CUFFING SEASON

Cuffing Season usually begins on the first day of Fall. This year it begins September 22nd, 2013.Some might say that it begins on Tuesday, September 24th. Drake’s new album drops that day and what a coincidence?! There will be alot of men taking advantage of that seeing as how Drake’s music causes you to want to wipe your face with cotton balls and get pedicures after football games.
During this time, there’s the preseason to which you begin to figure out the starting line up. Who is qualified and who will get benched. During the month of October is where the real test begins because there’s the release of NBA 2K14. The purpose of bringing up the game is because there needs to be some interaction with prospectives such as “good morning” “I miss you”, and “when will I see you” texts. By the third week. it’s time for you to begin the pokes and the likes on social media. During this time you both should be spending significant time together and getting to know one another.
As the time winds down, so should you. That being said, the texts will cease, the calls will slow down and the time apart will be greater.
By the time Thanksgiving comes, you should be the only one at the dinner table without a plus one. Too much pressure from the bench to figure out who you will be splitting the wishbone with anyway. The season resumes all the way until on or about February 2014. No one will be with a Valentine unless it’s mutually decided that you both actually want to resume activities otherwise save the chocolate and candy for Mom!

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