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The Skinny on Being Fat


Every woman looks in the mirror after a shower and wishes her ass was a little bit fatter. She wishes that her stomach was a little bit flatter and wishes that her breasts were a bit perkier. It’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s also achievable and definitely not impossible. When I say achievable, I don’t mean not with plastic surgery. Many women spend money on ass, tits and liposuction however the best way to achieve the best you is to exercise and eat right.

Jennifer Hudson has become the spokesperson for Weight Watchers and since then has turned into a “bobblehead”. Sadly many don’t like the thinner, new and improved J-Hud. Personally, I agree but it’s about living a healthier life. Many have ridiculed her for losing the weight and believe it wasn’t natural because she’s a star and has probably used weight loss tactics to achieve her goal. Even if she did, it’s made her healthier and added value to her life. She has a son and future husband.

The key to living your life is living it YOUR WAY. Also by living it your way, you change not only the way you eat but the way you live, and the way you exercise. It’s a lifestyle change. No more should donuts be for breakfast. Have some fruit and some water. Go running and weight training. I am doing the same and I look forward to seeing the results. Do I wish I had thousands of dollars to get surgery? Hell yeah but even something so simple can cause lifelong problems. The natural way is better. Nothing worth it comes easy. Remember even if you are slim or have a little bit of weight the ultimate goal is to be healthy. Even people that weigh 100lbs are susceptible to heart disease! Be informed, be inspired!



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