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The Power of the “O”


When a woman reaches a certain age, she’s supposed to know how her body works. Notice I said SUPPOSED to know. The sad reality is many women are not aware of how to achieve an orgasm and find themselves going through the motions.
Everyone goes through puberty. Not everyone knows their body. Sadly, society sees it as taboo if you know how, when and why you climax. In Africa, many women endured female circumcision to which their clitoris was removed barring them from sexual pleasure. I don’t know about you, but reading that made me cringe.
An orgasm can feel super sexy when done right. Here are some easy tips on achieving what your man might not be able to grasp!
2. Use your favorite toy. Mine is a bullet or Roger Rabbit. Check out for more erotic toys to help you out.
3. Don’t stop when it feels good. You are doing it right if you feel your stomach tightening up.
4. If it feels like you have to pee, you are about to squirt. Don’t hold back!
I wish I could tell you more but it’s something you need to try on your own to see what feels good to you. Remember, If you can’t make yourself cum, how can you expect your mate to find your spot?

Happy Cummings!!

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