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The Launch Pad | Irregular Exposure Clothing by Jessica Williams (Interview)

Jessica Williams, CEO of her very own trademarked line Irregular Exposure, is far from lawful when it comes to fashion! Her taste and creativitey has NO boundaries. What distinctively sets this line apart from others is the fearless electives of Jessica; never following the trends, instead setting them! Irregular Exposure is definetly on the rise… and coming with signature style!

Get To Know Jessica Williams:

Tell me a little about yourself… Where are you from, whats your educational background what are your interests?

Well I’m Jessica, I’m from Baltimore,Md. I lived in Philly for a few years for school. I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with my Associates in fashion design and now I’m back home in Baltimore temporarily where I design women’s clothing for local boutiques and online stores around the country. My largest hobby is sewing and designing of course. Next would have to be reading. I love educating myself with intellectual reads.

What does fashion mean to you?

A lot of people think because I’m a designer I love all things glamorous. I hate doing my hair and getting all dressed up at times. Hell I even hate doing my makeup! A lot of people think all these are aspects of a fashionable person but fashion isn’t what’s expected. Fashion is presentation in a unlikely form. It’s like when you see that woman with the bare face and oversized top and cargos, It’s not the cargos and top that defines her style, yet it’s the exuberant confidence that does such. Fashion should be so effortless that it’s on the verge of lazy. Some people spend hours putting together a look that’s way too much but the simplicity is what’s eye catching. The simplicity with a small twist. Nothing boring but yes to effortless.

How would you define your personal style?

My style is by far my own. I don’t go along with the new craze. I do what I want. I don’t care what fashion forecasters say will be in. I make my own forecast and have the time my prediction is ahead of theirs! My style is sexy but never distasteful, Weird but never too much and daring but never “costumey”. My style is a mix between Solange ,J-Lo and Estelle.

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

My grandmother inspired me. When I was 12 I would watch her design my sister and my cousins prom gowns and was amazed by the level of different skills necessary to do such. She taught me some things and I was self taught from there.

If you could describe Irregular Exposure in 1 word, what word would it be?


Has Irregular Exposure participated in any fashion shows or other events?

Yes, Baltimore Fashion Week, Philly designer fashion show, local college shows , boutique trunk shows, press and media shows in downtown Baltimore and small shows in NYC

When selecting your models what are some of the qualities you look for? Who would you say had been the best model you have worked with so far?

Who is your favorite photographer to work with?I only use a few different models. I look for height , measurements, confidence, personality, an irregularity about them that intrigues and business savvy. Professionalism is the most important. You can be drop dead gorgeous but if you’re Negative we can’t work. I love so many models I could never pick just one as the best they are all great.

My favorite photographer is one I shot with in Miami named Robin (Robin V. Photography) she’s awesome .

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Thierry Mugler is king! Tom Ford is one of the best and also Marc Jacobs

Whats your favorite piece to design and create?

Mermaid skirts are my favorite, they are selling nation wide. It’s the unexpected fabric choice that is so eye catching!

What is your dream and ultimate goal as a designer as well as for your brand?

My ultimate dream is to have a multi million dollar company that sells to large dept. stores. LA is also in the works for a move in September that would result in a great opportunity as well.
I don’t want a boutique, I prefer to sell to buyers for franchises. I want my brand to be the largest. I want Saks, I want H&M, and  Zara all carrying these designs.

What can we expect from Irregular Exposure in the future?

You can expect a large relocation that will result in buyers bidding on Irregular Exposure. Also a large show introducing the new fall line as well as a online store launch

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

This business is survival of the fittest. If you aren’t ready for sleepless nights and harder days this isn’t for you. If you have a vision that you dream about and wake up breathing…if you pray on this dream arising every day…if you grind and know what fashion really consist of because you study the greats then this is for you. Don’t stop because critics are talking focus on the goal.

Where can we find and purchase Irregular Exposure?

You can purchase at Dollhouse Boutique which is located 525 N. Charles Street Baltimore,Md 21201. Also just email Irregular Exposure for custom orders that will be shipped less than a week later.

Facebook: Jessica Irregular Exposure Williams
Instgram: Irregular_exposure

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