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The Anatomy of a Jump-Off



“Cuffin”, “Bunned Up”, “Fuck Buddy”, “Entanglements”, “Situations”, “JumpOffs”, “Sideline Hoe”
Those are the terms used in the new millennium that describes the current state of relationships. I mean its really self explanatory and the men and women that condone this believe that’s it’s a way of life. Its Not!
Men aren’t supposed to be committed to one woman. Women should know their place blah blah blah.
Well quite honestly, what is the point of marriage then?
The Bible states that GOD took a rib from Adam to create Eve because man and woman aren’t supposed to be alone. Later on in the scriptures it shows that Abraham and many others took more than one wife. Okay I get that…. But know that ALL THE WIVES KNEW EACH OTHER. If you are engaging in a relationship that is secretive, the other party has no knowledge of whats going on outside of the relationship then its CHEATING!!! Now I am in no way an expert in theology however know enough to know that things that occurred in the Old Testament and The New Testament are VERY different. I also know enough to know that people chop, screw and finagle scriptures of the Bible to use when it suits them as opposed to using it as fact and leading the lives they should according to His Word. That’s a totally different story in itself.
Being in a relationship requires work! It requires communication, trust, commitment and attraction of some kind and that’s just the basics in my opinion. Treat your relationships like how you do friendships. People must be worthy to be in your circle , to share your air, your mind, and your body fluids!
Women complain that there are no good men around yet they are giving up the goods way to easily under the premise of “Its not that serious”, “I’m just having a good time”, “I can make him love me”
Sorry boo… it not going to happen. No man will take you seriously if he’s had a piece of the pie without commitment. YOU are just something to do and sadly if it good enough he will pass you off to his friends.
Men, please quit it! We are on to your games just like you are on to ours. Far be it from me to judge! But know that the while the double standards do exist you are still whores to us. I do NOT want to be walking down the street with you as my husband and see two or three chicks you’ve had relations with. Oh, and don’t ask about how many people we’ve slept with. It will forever ruin your image of us yet you want us to keep giving it to you in the bedroom. Let’s leave the answer at “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”
In closing, I hope it all makes a little bit of sense. Men and women think differently yet we want the same thing. It all boils down to LOVE. Women give sex for love and men give love for sex. That’s not a rumor…… that’s fact!

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