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By the time this goes live, it would have been a few weeks since I went to the Rihanna concert. It prompted me to speak on the relationships we have with one self. As an author, I am cognizant of the image I give off. I will NOT conduct myself in a manner that is contradictory to what I am trying to convey to others. While things are not squeaky clean I must still portray to others the persona that I am fine. In essence, I am fine. We are all a work in progress however sadly the good, bad and indifferent is shown. I am not at all saying that we should show only the good or only the bad but we all have private, personal and public lives. It’s all about image.

Back to the topic at hand, at the concert women were dressed in little to nothing and I had to wonder if they were going to the concert or auditioning to be America’s Next Top Whore. It was ridiculous and embarrassing. I had to cover my face on several occasions and stifle laughter. The problem wasn’t that they wore it, hey I believe in freedom of speech. My issue was that they chose to wear it in a forum that may or may not have had children. Rihanna is loved by tweens both male and female. Many of these women wore fishnet stockings as leggings and nothing else. Some wore bikinis and things that resembled panties. Who let these people come out of the house like this? As they traveled in groups I began to wonder why their friends would allow them to represent them like that. Yes represent THEM. Anyone that is in your cypher and calls you a friend is accountable for your behavior because they too will be judged by you.

It takes a lot to embarrass me and I wanted to grab these young women and shake some sense into them. I’m far from a prude but they just were beyond disgusting. The men were gawking, drooling and being downright disrespectful. If you must conduct yourself in that manner then how can you expect others to give you the respect you so desire. If someone calls you bitch or slut, you don’t have to answer to it. What you should do is study WHY they chose those hurtful words. Sometimes it’s all about perception and what you are giving off. Take a look in the mirror for clarification.

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