If you recall from some previous posts on the MSO website, Wayno (@Wayno119 on Twitter) is definitely a friend of the site.  As we all prepare for the Spring/Summer be on the lookout for new fire from Cool Mentality Clothing to drop in May …

Cool Mentality Feature 1

Cool Mentality Feature 2

Cool Mentality Feature 3

Wayno recently also joined the Reebok Classics team as an NYC Ambassador and continues to display that “Hustler Spirit” that Harlem is known for hosting the popular Grilled Cheese events.  Then if  you lucky, you may be the recipient of a surprise dropoff of the latest Reebok Retro releases like Troy Ave and Jadakiss …

neef buck shaqs

Grilled Cheese Party

Reebok White Tee Party

We R NYC … Shaq Attaq 1 Featuring Troy Ave

kiss wayno

We R NYC … Shaq Attaq 2 Featuring Jadakiss



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