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MSO Interview | Karl Lunsford (@KarlLunz) : The Man Behind The Camera Speaks

With most  great things, we tend to not even recognize the people behind the work.  Music videos are no exception because it’s easy to give credit to the artist for making a great song but it is often the visual that goes along with the song that is embedded in your brain.  Let me introduce Karl Lunz to the world who is a video director on the rise with vivid eye for providing a backdrop to an artist song.  Karl describes himself as “a director/cinematographer/editor best known for clean cinematic’s and strong story lines”  but that may not totally do him justice.  The videos he produced only further enhanced how much I liked the songs and the detail was vivid to the point I pictured some lines from the scenes in the video.  Let’s further examine the man behind the camera …

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Aside from directing videos, do you engage in photography or any other art?

Yea I was a dancer still do it from time to time, and film-photography is the same thing to me

so I would say so.

Do you have a team that you work with on your projects? What are their roles in Deep Vision


I typically do, there’s times where I went solo, like the K Rivers- Rollin and Craigy F-

LovePhobia … My partner and DP @TanairLG always hold me down though check out his

photography that man is great check his stuff here (Example Below).


As an upcoming video director, who do you consider your inspirations when it comes to


Most are actual film directors, I love great cinematography and intriguing dramatics. But I’ll

name a few movie and music video directors that inspire me in no particular order… For

MOVIES: Chris Nolan, Spike Lee, Paul Greengrass, Antoine Fuqua, Michael Bay, David Fincher

MUSIC VIDEOS: Anthony Mandler, Taj, Director X, Colin Tilley, Sam Pilling

Of all the videos you directed, what was your favorite and why? (I’m going to assume Henny

Palooza was rather wavy)

Ahh This is actually pretty tuff but I would have to say Shep- I Got You Bob.. More so

because of what happened in post production than anything though… Somehow when editing

footage disappeared and I ended up having to edit it in 1 day. It definitely captures an

authentic free style like if you were in Jamaica wanted to make him feel like he was the king

of the town.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Now, I don’t know if this information you choose not to share but what is your formula or

process when it comes to directing a music video?

Nope!.. JK but I listen to the song a lot and go with what I feel and see in my head then from

what I see I gather the images and try to have it make sense in sequence to one another, the

story usually finds it’s way through that then write I it down.

I know you have an extensive resume after viewing your reel but do you have a project that

you wish could be done over and why?

I won’t name one in particular because of the artist sake.. But there is quite a few but I’m never

satisfied enough because art always evolves there’s stuff I think of while I’m uploading but by

that time it is what it is.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”344″][/vimeo]

At the end of the day, what legacy do you want to leave on the world as Karl Lunz the director?

I want to show people how I see the world in my head, in real life and leave them with something

to speak on.

To further examine the creative process, do you generally have a vision for what you want to

shoot prior to the film set and do you have preferred clients you work with or are you open to

working with anyone?

It depends, I always have visions I do write those down. But most I create from the feeling

and mood the song gives me. I told myself when I started I’m only going to work if they care

as much about their work as I do, but of course exceptions are always made to that statement


We recognize you a beast when it comes to directing but what else do you enjoy doing

outside of that realm?

Dancing, and playing basketball … I literally do imaginary basketball plays when I’m in the

house, I’m obsessed, it’s weird but I just love it.

A lot of music producers eventually get up from the boards and hit the booth. Will Karl Lunz be

the first video director turned rapper? (I should probably make sure someone hasn’t already

done this)

I might be lowkey the best trash rapper out

With the evolving technology where almost anyone with an iPad or Macbook can direct and

edit their own video (Slight reach). What do you feel separates your skill set from any average

joe walking around with a camera?

Now everything is just more saturated because everybody thinks they can do everything I’ve

filmed partial music videos on my iPhone, that’s cool anything new is cool with me. But it’s

all about what your saying behind the lens what are you trying to provoke you know. With

every visual I put every emphasis on the conception of how it should be sometimes budget

constraints make it difficult but I always go with quality above everything.

As a director with some experience, what tips would you give to a youngin who says he wants

to direct one day?

Don’t stop, and don’t do it for just the money do it because you love it, anything you do for

the love of it never seems like a job because you would do it regardless of the pay or the work

that goes into it.

KL 2

Do you foresee another change in how hip-hop videos are made? I remember the days when

all artists were making million dollar videos to keep up with each other but now the videos are

a little less flashy and more gritty/real if that makes sense.

No, I just hope it stays with emphasis on quality and artist will be able to differentiate the

difference between a director going for quality and someone going off how much money they

can make. The budgets have come down drastically that’s all can’t do anything about that

unless you directing for Hov or Diddy nowadays.

For the most part, you dabble in the arena of hip-hop and R&B. Is there another genre of

artist you would be interested in working with?

Bruno Mars, most music stems from our culture to be honest… What music besides ours can

you start a party with not rock, not country… Reggaeton, reggae, hip-hop, R&B … my opinion


If you could put 5 artists on one track and direct their video, who would the artists be? Or you

can name 5 artists you would love to direct a video for even if you don’t want them on one


Usher,  J. Cole, Michael Jackson (if he was here), Pharrell, Joe Budden (The way he dispels different feelings all on the track I could complement with a film.)

Let’s play a quick word association game, I’ll say a word or phrase and you provide your first thoughts:

1. Chicago Bulls Starting Forward Carmelo Anthony – NOPE!

(Editor’s Note: Melo in the Red/Black coming soon)

Pacers Knicks Basketball

2. The New York Knicks – Going to the Eastern conference finals

3. LeBron or Durant? – Lebron but KD and Melo way better scorers lebron just better all-around.

4. UMG – Fire, the synergy is crazy and they keep stealing my raps.

5. Delaware – It is what it sounds like… Christiana mall gonna be dope later this year too.


6. Green Text Bubbles – Are like that one person on your team you know not to pass the ball to cause they’ll turn it over.

7. iPhone 5C – If you are a male and have this you’re washed. And probably got it because of your wife’s influence on bright colors.

8. New York City – Best city ever

9. Best Chicken Spot – Real niggas know the answer to this …


10. Favorite Sneaker/Clothing Line – 10 deep/staple pigeon.  Anything fresh I’m not a specific brand person. I like high tops anything tho. Only low tops I like are certain vans.

Dope, anything in closing my dude?

Once again big S/O to my partner at Deep Vision Films LG.  Follow him on twitter @tanairlg and check out his Tumblr for more of his work.   I also want to S/O Mr. Sold Out, you, and everyone that supports me stay tuned for some epic stuff this year. 


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