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Mr Sold Out’s Top 2013 Highlights

Out with the Old… What will 2014 bring?




As we rapidly approach the year of 2014, lets take a moment to recap some of’s top 2013 highlights…





Twerk Miley, Miley, Twerk… 

Miley Cyrus

From Juicy J’s concert on to the VMA’s along side Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus and her infamous “twerking” has been one of the most talked about sagas of the year.

Miley at Juicy J’s concert…

VMA’s 2013…

… Let’s see what Miley has up her sleeves for 2014!
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“AMBITIOUS” That’s the best way to describe Brooklyn native newcomer to the scene ‘Bree’.

A graduate of Long Island University- Brooklyn, she obtains a degree in English.

From the tender age of 5, Bree has always enjoyed the pleasures of writing. She would write about anything from short stories to poems and more. Writing always came natural to her, as it was her escape for self-expression.




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