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Mr. Sold Out Presents | Jay-Z Album Reviews 8: The Dynasty – Roc La Familia

Welcome back to the Mr. Sold Out album review of Jay-Z, the first artist in the Legend Series.  Our panel ranked Kingdom Come as #11, Vol. 3 The Life and Times of S. Carter at number ten, at #9, The Blueprint 2 – The Gift & The Curse, and at # 8 we have The Dynasty: Roc La Familia …

# 8 The Dynasty – Roc La Familia (Released October 31, 2000 on Rocafella/Def Jam)

Originally slated as a compilation album to display the artists on Roc-A-Fella but Jay-Z took the opportunity to put his name behind the project fully and make it his 5th studio album.  Outside of the Roc-A-Fella roster, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Pharrell, and R. Kelly were featured on the album.  The album’s lead single was “I Just Wanna Love You” which featured Pharrell and Omillio Sparks AKA Young Froggy on the hook.

Consensus Score
(Each panelists ranked albums from best to worst with 1 being the best and 11 being the worst.  Consensus score is based on the average score of the panelist.  This album only made one panelist Top 5)

High Points
Good features… Pharrell, Scarface’s verse, and Freeways scene stealing debut was real. Amil being limited to only a couple of bars worked out great! – Chief Chilla
“The Intro” on this album set the tone of the album… –Ramon

Favorite Tracks
Intro, Streets Is Talking, This Can’t Be Life, 1-900-Hustler, You-Me-Him-And-Her, Change the Game

Low Points
At times too many features, some tracks could have been cut to enhance overall album quality –
C Andall
“Guilty Until Proven Innocent” was a cool track, but it just seemed like it didn’t belong. – Chief Chilla

Worst Tracks
Holla, Where Have You Been, The R.O.C., Get Your Mind Right Mami, Squeeze 1st, Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Overall Thoughts
In my opinion the Dynasty album is one of Jay-Z’s most underrated albums because it was overshadowed by the fact it originally was a compilation album and some of the stand out verses were by features.  What Sigel did to the “Streets Is Talking” and Freeway did to “1-900-Hustler” respectively were undeniable.  But don’t think I’m saying Jay fell off because his ability to tell a vivid story on “Soon You’ll Understand” and “This Can’t Be Life” only solidified him as the best rapper in the game.  I have yet to even mention the “Intro” because in my mind that may be the greatest intro to an album ever.  – D Murry

“Change the Game”
[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]


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