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Mr. Sold Out Presents | Jay-Z Album Reviews 10: Vol. 3 The Life and Times of S. Carter

Last week Mr. Sold Out debuted the premiere album review of Jay-Z, the first artist in the Legend Series.  Our panel ranked Kingdom as the #11 Sean Carter and now I present #10, Vol. 3 The Life and Times of S. Carter.

# 10 Vol. 3 The Life and Times of S. Carter (Released December 28, 1999 on Rocafella/Def Jam)


After finally achieving commercial success on Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life, Jay-Z followed up the effort with a more “Pop” album.  “Do It Again” was the lead single and was followed by the highly successful “Big Pimpin” which featured Texas rappers Bun B & Pimp C.  In 2001 the album was certified Triple Platinum and Jay-Z’s status an elite rapper was fully verified.

Concensus Score

(Each panelists ranked albums from best to worst with 1 being the best and 11 being the worst.  Concensus score is based on the average score of the panelist.  Seven of our panelists ranked Kingdom Come as Jay-Z’s worst album and only 2 people had the album in thier personal Top 5)
High Points
“Big Pimpin” was the shit! – M. Ali
Intro/Outro mesh was great.  Unreleased version was even better.  Beanie Sigel “Desert Eagle” made his first studio appearance on a Hov album.  Bonus songs were hot.  – Ramon
Favorite Tracks
So Ghetto, It’s Hot, Do It Again, Hova Song (Interludes)
 [youtube width=”500″ height=”344″][/youtube]
Low Points
Amil was featured on 3 tracks! Never Good! – Chief Chilla
Life and Times was not a great album Jay Z was caught up in the hype but “Big Pimpin” and “Do it Again” were crazy records – B Roc
Worst Tracks
Dope Man, Come and Get Me, Snoopy Track, S. Carter
Overall Thoughts
Although I thought Vol. 3 was a solid effort, this appeared to me as the first album where Jay-Z attempted to put out a pop album that a variety of people could appreciate.  Nothing wrong with that but all in all the songs that stand out to me were not singles and may have hindered sales if released in that format.  An exception to that is “Do It Again” which automatically reminds me of my times at The Morgan State University.  While the production on this album wasn’t great, I feel Hova displayed his lyrical ability.  Really listen to the Hova Song Interludes and tell me different. – D Murry


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