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Light vs Dark



Recently I was speaking to a male friend of mine who happens to be light skin and he told me that I would be married soon because dark skin women are in style again. I found that to be hilarious because I’m not “dark skin” and furthermore I thought that hard working, ambitious, intelligent, marriage minded, family oriented women were in style no matter how light or dark they were. I asked him if that’s his preference and he said yes he loves women darker than him and he could never date a woman that’s lighter complexion. His reasoning was that women that were lighter felt obligated to have things due to their shade of color which was “light bright, damn near white and always right”.
I was offended. I was offended not only by the comments that he made regarding women but the fact that because light skinned women were closer to white, that they got things faster than darker women. It also made me upset that it might be true. Are black women that are darker working hard and getting nothing in return? Men seem to fawn after women that are lighter with straighter noses, bigger asses and longer hair. Even in urban books, the description of the women is described as almost always mixed with Asian and they have green eyes and long hair.
History has documented that women that were lighter in complexion were usually offspring of the slave master and were able to remain in the home under the care of the slave master and limited to chores that needed to be done. The darker woman was usually the one that had to care for the children of the slave owner and also resided outside of the home therefore called the FIELD N*****.
The media perpetuates and continues this divide by how they show women in movies. There are very few women of medium or dark skin color that have a leading role. At times, they have even used a lighter woman and darkened her skin with make up in order to fill the role as in using actress Zoe Saldana to portray Nina Simone. They could have easily used someone that was equally talented and with a closer skin tone.
Nonetheless, there should be no color divide within races. It’s bad enough we have non-blacks at war with blacks. We must deal with the war we have within ourselves before it gets out of control. What’s really going on?

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