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How much would you pay to swim with your favorite rapper?

As a long time fan & Twitter follower of Joe Budden I get how people feel connected to dude because he appears to so down to earth.  He often has Meet & Greets before his shows and even took the time to allow one his biggest fans Gleams an opportunity to rock the mic (Pause) during one of his shows.

One of his monikers coming into the game was “Regular Joe” and the kickball games he has during the summer where he welcomes his fans to attend and even play truly display that he is very down to earth.  But last night I was in tears because of the picture below.  Budden and crew have recently generated a lot of buzz about a Pool Party at his crib before Summer Jam.  Models, Rappers, R&B singers, and even some of #BlackTwitter have all been rumored to be in attendance.  I thought it was funny when I saw the dude accepting donations to help him get to NJ for the party but to pay $500 cash and ask for a refund took the cake for me.  See below and just let the tears flow …


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