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Sex and Relationships | Feeling Deflated

Marriage-Failure-and-ErectileDysfunctionYou and your man are getting hot and heavy. Your panties are soaking wet because of his kisses. He touches your body and you shiver. He removes your clothing slowly and you tingle. It’s time. He climbs on top of you and you feel…. NOTHING. What just happened? Your man deflated and I don’t mean his ego. Your man is currently unable to pleasure you and finish igniting the fire that he started. One or both of you grow frustrated with him trying but to no avail. There are two different responses to this.
1. You continue foreplay making him feel relaxed and comfortable.
2. You roll your eyes, grab your clothes and exit the bedroom to ease your own sexual frustration.

Now while most women might do option 2, it is not the right one. First off, sex is something you both should be able to enjoy. There could be many reasons why the man you are totally in love with cannot respond physically to you. Maybe he’s tired and overworked. Maybe he’s anxious about being with you. Or maybe it’s his health that’s affecting his ability. Many men deal with issues such as diabetes, obesity or drug use. Communication is key for you both. You need to feel like he’s still attracted to you and he needs to know that you don’t hold this episode against him.
If in fact there are issues that are continual encourage your man to visit the doctor for ways to assist in this problem. Medications such as Cialis and Viagra are very common remedies but make sure they are not affecting any other medicines. There are also topical ointments that can remedy the situation as well. The key is to find out if the dysfunction is physical or psychological. Once that’s determined, I’m certain that the ship can sail and stay afloat!

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