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Do You Like Me?


There’s this boy that I like and I continuously doodle his name. He makes me smile daily. He supports me wholeheartedly. I’m tempted to send him a note like this. Of course, the first thought is— do people still think like this?
About twenty or so years ago (I’m aging myself), kids used to make notes all the time that said “do you like me? Yes, no, maybe”. Now as adults no one courts anymore. We are so hellbent on just getting sex that we forget to simply learn to like and love someone. Most women do not wait 90 days to give a man sex. Men are so bold nowadays that it’s a prerequisite for where they take you. The more expensive the meal, the more they expect sexually. They feel sadly that its OWED to them. I was under the impression that dating meant to get to know people to see if you two were a match. I was taught that it was a natural part of building a friendship. Friends, dating, engaged, married…. It all begins with a simple hello.
Ladies, quit throwing panties at men under the premise of a relationship. Sex is the finale, not the beginning. Let him enjoy your mind and get to know you good, bag or indifferent. Men, quit thinking with your penis. Let a woman know your heart. You DO have one!
Until we meet again loves!

Allison "EssenceM" Edwards


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