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Cool Mentality Closes Out 2012 Brooklyn Style …

If you recall we previously did an interview with Cool Mentality owner and creative genius Wayno a few months back that gave our viewers some insight to the behind scenes work it takes to build up a clothing line.  Well Wayno continues to bring fresh designs to the clothing industry with his latest hoody inspired by the borough of Brooklyn aligned with a dope slogan …

“Can’t Be A Sheep Amongst Wolves”

 If you are interested in getting your hands on this hoody before the holiday hit up Wayno on twitter @Wayno119 or via e-mail at  You can also do the same for the Organic Pink crewneck …

Also, be sure to check out the Cool Mentality website and tumblr as well.  Finally, if you are in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area check out the upcoming Grilled Cheese Party on December 20th in SOHO, NY that will be co-hosted by Cool Mentality.



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