• Mastering the Art of Being Alone

    Mastering the Art of Being Alone

    Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Actually, if you have mastered the art of being alone, you would not feel lonely just because you are alone. Alone, meaning not in the presence of another and not necessarily on one’s own, because I […]

  • Save the Tatas

    Save the Tatas

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month to which I will get to soon but now we are focused on the boobs! Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Black women and in 2010, the CDC reported […]



        I tried! God knows I tried. I wanted to hate him but he made it so damn easy to love him. The person I blame is myself. I made bad decisions all in the name of being way too trust worthy too soon. […]

  • Cougar Alert

    Cougar Alert

    Cougar- An “older,” experienced woman who happens to find herself in a sexual relationship (committed or not) with a younger man. She is not necessarily a slut, nor is she desperate. She offers sexual expertise and is open to new experiences. She simply wants to […]

  • Sex and Relationships | Feeling Deflated

    Sex and Relationships | Feeling Deflated

    You and your man are getting hot and heavy. Your panties are soaking wet because of his kisses. He touches your body and you shiver. He removes your clothing slowly and you tingle. It’s time. He climbs on top of you and you feel…. NOTHING. […]

  • The Power of the “O”

    The Power of the “O”

    When a woman reaches a certain age, she’s supposed to know how her body works. Notice I said SUPPOSED to know. The sad reality is many women are not aware of how to achieve an orgasm and find themselves going through the motions. Everyone goes […]

  • X- Rated

    X- Rated

    It used to be taboo but now it’s become common and even at times obsessive. It’s PORN! Many engage in various forms of it from watching movies to creating their own. Thanks Kim K and Ray J for making it “hot”. Gone are the days […]

  • What Do Men Want……?

    What Do Men Want……?

    For many years the question has been “WHAT DO MEN WANT?!” Strangely enough the answers vary from a cold beer, to some “head” and even just a mancave for some peace and quiet to watch a game. Ladies, take note: I’m about to tell you […]

  • You Cant Love A Momma’s Boy

    You Cant Love A Momma’s Boy

    You meet a man, a man with a great job. He’s financially stable and has a good head on his shoulders. He has his own car and no children. He’s ambitious and seeks to build a future with you. He’s great on paper and in […]

  • The Anatomy of a Jump-Off

    The Anatomy of a Jump-Off

      “Cuffin”, “Bunned Up”, “Fuck Buddy”, “Entanglements”, “Situations”, “JumpOffs”, “Sideline Hoe” Those are the terms used in the new millennium that describes the current state of relationships. I mean its really self explanatory and the men and women that condone this believe that’s it’s a […]

  • Light vs Dark

    Light vs Dark

      Recently I was speaking to a male friend of mine who happens to be light skin and he told me that I would be married soon because dark skin women are in style again. I found that to be hilarious because I’m not “dark […]

  • The Skinny on Being Fat

    The Skinny on Being Fat

    Every woman looks in the mirror after a shower and wishes her ass was a little bit fatter. She wishes that her stomach was a little bit flatter and wishes that her breasts were a bit perkier. It’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with that. […]

  • Do You Like Me?

    Do You Like Me?

    There’s this boy that I like and I continuously doodle his name. He makes me smile daily. He supports me wholeheartedly. I’m tempted to send him a note like this. Of course, the first thought is— do people still think like this? About twenty or […]


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