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Video | Watch pt.2 of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview w/ The Kardashians

[dailymotion width=”600″ height=”300″][/dailymotion] Many people may argue against Lady O interviewing Kim and her famous Kardashian family, but there’s no denying the fascination of what they would say. Watch part 1 if you’ve been under a…

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Watch “Oprah’s Next Chapter” interview w/ The Kardashians pt.1 [Video]

[dailymotion width=”560″ height=”300″][/dailymotion] Before the second segment of Oprah’s sit down with 50 Cent aired, Mother O paid a visit to the Kardashian house. Carried by Momma-ger Kris,Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, & Rob sat down with Oprah for a frank interview…

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Watch “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Pt. 2 interview w/ 50 Cent [Video]

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Oprah has been dipping her toes into the Hip Hop pool since her Master Class special with Jay-Z. Whether you think she’s doing it for all the wrong reasons [ratings] or not, you have to be intrigued with the way she humanizes the most polarizing figures in entertainment. Watch part 2 of Oprah’s sit down with 50 Cent as the 2 discuss meditation, love, and charitable endeavors.
There are a lot of things that many artists, and people in general, can take from the 50 Cent business model. But what stood out most for myself is when Oprah asked 50 whether or not he thought his audience was growing with him:

I’m almost sure that i’m losing them in some areas. They’re not maturing at the same pace

That is one of the most honest answers i’ve ever heard from any rapper.