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Best & Worst Dressed: 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Olympic Games are here and for most its all about the Games, the competition, winning medals and things of that nature. But as expected I’m here to bring you the goods- the fashion aspect of it all!

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani had already claimed that the 2012 London Olympics would be the most fashionable yet, but with 204 different countries attending for the competition, there was sure to be some Fashion Favs as well as Fashion Flops.

 Best Dressed:

Amongst the Best Dressed is Team Netherlands. There is so much buzz going on about the orange and blue ensemble worn to perfection by the Netherlands. From the Chic trench coats to the blazers and  dresses, it was well put together and worn with confidence. In my opinion, they looked fashionably royal for the occasion!

Worst Dressed:

Now, I don’t know who should be penalized most for the worst dressed of The Olympics 2012. Reportedly Team Egypt wore knock off Nike uniforms with Adidas logos on the zippers because of a mishap caused due to financial struggle, but it’s better to wear thrift than knock-off any day! They could have done better. But then, Mexico were so uncoordinated with their extremely colorful and messy outfits.. I’m all for culture & tradition but they could have done much better as well… this is a tough one but I’m thinking Team Mexico wins first place of Worst dressed.


Well there were so many different countries with so many styles I cant be the one to make the ultimate decision of Worst and Best Dressed of the 2012 London Olympics. Take a look at some of the pics below and tell us who you think the title of Worst and Best Dressed should go to.

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