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X- Rated


It used to be taboo but now it’s become common and even at times obsessive. It’s PORN! Many engage in various forms of it from watching movies to creating their own. Thanks Kim K and Ray J for making it “hot”. Gone are the days of sneaking to watch it when your parents are gone or disguising the magazine in a sleeve. People see it all over no matter what. TV has become so desensitized to it that the love scenes between actors now become soft core porn.
I don’t know about you all but I’ve got some favorite porn stars of my own. Don’t judge me!
Sadly they’ve moved on to other lives and retired due to the threat of disease but they will always remain my favorites. I always loved Mr. Marcus and Jada Fire. Let’s not forget Vanessa Del Rio, Ron Jeremy and the many others that paved the way for our parents to create us. I’ll keep it brief this time because the weekend is near and I’ve got a host of new material to crank out for ya.
Happy Cummings and visit for the tools you need for self love!

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